We are open-minded, multi-cultural, curious and diverse.

We thrive to connect the right people to the right project, working on an open and collaborative process to arrive at the best results.

We start by understanding the scope of each project,

big or small, to define and find the talent and expertise needed to meet your goals on time and on budget.

A look into our work

A look into our work

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Mariana Pariani is a creative director and brand strategist, and the founder of Fairy Fierce Free Inc.

With over twenty-five years of experience in Branding, Editorial, and Digital Design, Mariana has been instrumental in bringing her clients' visions to life across various industries, through a holistic and collaborative approach.
From 2004 to 2020, Mariana served as the Creative Design Director for Faena Group, where she helped to shape the visual identity of Faena District in Buenos Aires and later Faena District Miami Beach. Her creative work extended to Faena Art, where she spearheaded visual communications for the company's cultural projects.
In 2019, Mariana founded FFF Inc, her personal creative atelier and hub for collaboration, offering bespoke creative services to the hospitality, real estate, and cultural sectors. Through FFF Inc, Mariana continues to explore new avenues in design, leveraging her expertise to craft compelling visual narratives for her clients.
A graduate of the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design and The Cooper Union in New York with a specialization in Type Design, Mariana is deeply passionate about the intersection of art and design. As the founder of Fairy Fierce Free, she embodies her ethos of fearlessness and creativity in every project she undertakes.
Personally, Mariana is an avid art aficionado and incipient collector, actively engaged with the arts community in Miami. Photography, calligraphy and painting, are her creative outlets to feed and enrich her design practice.
Mariana takes pride in her role as a design interpreter, collaborating closely with clients and colleagues to craft visual stories that resonate with the audiences.



The Name

The Name FFF Inc. comes from three words—fairy, fierce and free—which have become a life moto.

A phrase once found in a book*, describing a hawk, and that resonated as the way I wanted to live my life: open to the magical, unexpected aspects of the universe; fierce and ready to defend the values that feel true to me; and free to experience and explore the world, while respecting the freedom of all living creatures.

* H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald